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A holiday on the water

Deo Annuente (EH1)

Jan Hoeven en schip

Enjoy a holiday

on the water!

A special experience: staying on the former fishing vessel Deo Annuente [EH 1] in the harbor of Enkhuizen for 1-6 people.

Deo Annuente

EH 1

Deo annuente met drommedaris_edited.jpg
Knusse zithoek in het stuurhuis

A holiday on board the Deo Annuente is unique.

The ship is spacious, very well maintained, fully equipped, but with an eye for preserving originality. The nostalgic atmosphere on board is appreciated by many guests from all over the world.


Deo Annuente has its permanent berth at the foot of the Drommedaris in Enkhuizen. You will stay in a beautiful setting, in the old harbor of Enkhuizen where sailing and sailing yachts, motor boats and fishing boats come and go, especially in the summer. In winter it is an oasis of peace with only the sound of seagulls and babbling waves.

The history of
the Deo Annuente

Jan Hoeven bought the ship in 2003 and then built it up in 4 years time  .......

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