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North Holland: historic harbours



Cozy Volendam offers opportunities for a wonderful day out: enjoy the many terraces, take a photo together in a Volendam costume or take a walk on the famous dike. Here it is guaranteed to be cozy.


Almost the entire peninsula has a protected cityscape and there are several national monuments. The most famous building on Marken is the lighthouse known as the Horse of Marken.



Many thousands of people enjoy this beautiful city every year. You really have to see, hear, taste and feel Hoorn! You can still find the past of the powerful United East India Company everywhere. That gives the city its special atmosphere.


Medemblik, the oldest city in West Friesland. The city has many museums. Radboud Castle, dating from the end of the 13th century, occupies a prominent place. At the Bakery Museum, the most delicious delicacies are baked according to traditional methods, and at the Steam Pumping Station you will learn everything about the development of the steam engine. Medemblik is also a stopping place for the Hoorn-Medemblik steam tram.

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