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Cruise Ysselmeer

Cruise Ysselmeer or Markermeer

Skipper and owner Jan Hoeven will gladly take you to the IJsselmeer. The layout of the wheelhouse allows you to watch the skipper who enthusiastically explains his profession and answers all your nautical questions. The strong sailor stories are also occasionally told, because Jan Hoeven has been working in shipping for years.

If you book a stay at the Deo Annuente (EH1) we can offer you this cruise for an attractive price. You can even reserve this on the spot if you wish.
Everything in consultation with the skipper / owner.

Price 95 euros / per hour

Contact us via e-mail:
You can also call / Whatsapp: Jan Hoeven (skipper / owner) 06 51 681 684.

(the departure depends on the weather conditions and the availability of the skipper)

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